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Month: September 2016

Make or Break Your Vacation

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Is there anyone else out there who has had their vacations ruined by booking the wrong hotel? I learned that mistake the hard way many years ago when I was booking a hotel for my high school spring break where six of my friends and I were staying at Panama City Beach in Florida, somewhat close to where the Red Roof Inn in Ocala is located.


I won’t mention the name of the hotel on here because this was many years ago, but the moment we pulled into the parking lot and saw the burnt out lights on their sign in addition to being the only hotel in the entire town with their “vacancy” light turned on I knew I had made a horrible choice. Granted, we were all a mere 18 years old just trying to have a good time so we were able to find the humor in the whole situation.

Now that I am all grown up and not trying to stay in a frat house whenever I go on vacation, I take the necessary precautions when choosing a hotel and don’t immediately trust the pictures on the website like I used to do. With the internet being so readily available and at our finger tips whenever we want, it amazes me how many people neglect to use it to their advantage to try and get some real information on the hotels they are trying to book.

I am going to go over some of the horror stories I have experienced and heard from others when booking a terrible hotel for their vacation and what to keep on eye on for yourself!