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Picture for a moment that you are in the market for a new home and are going to a bunch of open houses to look at your options. Would you want to look any further in the house if the porch was completely run down and in horrible condition?

What does that tell you about the condition throughout the rest of the house?

Chances are that the conditions around the rest of said house is in comparable shape and would be safe to assume so.

The Same Applies to Hotels!

What I have noticed about the Red Roof Inn and other comparable hotel companies is that the lobby is always kept in tip top shape and always makes you feel welcomed when you first walk in. If you haven’t found any reviews on your choice then the lobby’s condition is the next best way to get a feel for the place.

redroofinn-1Now unfortunately, chances are you already have the room booked by the time you get to check out the lobby but if you were fortunate enough not to book by the time you see the lobby then you can assume that the room you will be staying in will be in comparable shape as the lobby.

Whenever I have stayed at The Red Roof Inn or other reputable places, the hotel lobby is always kept in immaculate condition and the people working up front are always smiling and welcoming me with open arms.

If the employees look like they don’t want to be there then you will most likely feel the same in your room.

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