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So remember when we talked about reviews being your number 1 resource for hotels and getting a general idea on what you are getting into? Well this is where you come in and give back to all of the other potential vacationers who are looking for a place to stay!

Now I am not asking that you take the time to create a whole website like I have done, but taking the time to give an honest review of the place you have stayed really goes a long way.

Honesty is Always Best

hotelI can’t tell you how often I have seen reviews on various websites (cough, yelp, cough) where people have left a negative review in horrible but articulate detail, and then that turns out to be the only review that person has ever left. I don’t know what it is, but people tend to have a need to leave bad reviews for bad experiences but leave the good experiences unnoticed.

If you have stayed at a hotel and they really made a great impression on you, then help that business out by leaving an honest and helpful review for others! On the other hand, if you have stayed at a hotel and the experience was abysmal then you have every right to leave a negative review but I really want to encourage everyone to be honest with this. Don’t leave attacks when they aren’t warranted and don’t only leave reviews for your negative experiences!

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