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This one is going to be for the other gentlemen out there reading our page. Have there been any of you out there who had a weekend full of romance planned and you got your girl all worked up and excited until you pull up to the hotel that looked so promising on the website? Pictures can be deceiving and I don’t think it needs to be said that hotel companies (Red Roof Inn included) will only put pictures on their website that look pristine and like they came out of a magazine.

Unfortunately the pictures on the website aren’t always as they appear and can lead to a dull weekend which should have been a way to spark a relationship back up.

Back to Reviews!

I feel like we have come back to this subject quite a few times but it really is important and can save a vacation. Whenever I have been leery of a hotel I wanted to book, I would go straight to the review pages and see what some customers had to say. Time and time again I have found people explaining that the pictures really aren’t what they seem. Sure, the lobby might have been kept up, but the pictures of beds and bathrooms that were so happily displayed on their website were taken 30 years ago.

redroofinn-6Here is real life example of this sort of circumstance that somewhat ties into what I mentioned a few days ago. While I was moving around the country with my wife at the time, we finally found a house but wanted a few things done around the house. To give them credit, St Charles Roofing INC was a company that we hired for a few projects and asked straight up about the pictures found on their website. They were immediately upfront and honest about them and told us that they weren’t taken directly by them but we were more than welcome to come and check out some of the things they had pictured in person which showed their honesty.

If you see some pictures on a hotel’s website that might not be up to date, don’t be afraid to call up and find out directly from them! Any reputable company won’t try to hide behind pictures taken decades ago and should welcome you to do so.

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