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Making An Impression

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Although we touched on this topic a little bit earlier in regards to making a good first impression, we believe that this one is important so we are going to go into more detail.

You Should Feel At Home!

Who else out there wants a hotel that gives them a “homey” feel while they are staying there? There is something about a room making you feel like you are right at home that can make your stay a memorable and comfortable one.

Before my family and I moved into our new home, we had lots of work done to our previous house in hopes of adding value and making some money off of our sale. Just like hotels, we wanted our home to look inviting and welcoming whenever any potential buyers were coming by so we made sure that our roof and siding was more than up to standard and made our house look brand new from the outside. As a thank you for the great work that they did we want to give a shout out to our new friends over at Tulsa Roofers – install new roofs; they definitely made sure that our first impressions counted!

redroofinn-5So take this logic when you are looking at a hotel from the outside for the first time. Does it look like they have been taking care of the building? Do you think the rooms are going to be in similar condition? Chances are very more than likely yes, yes they will so it is important that a hotel company takes the time to keep their building in shape and up to current standards. If a company won’t take the time to make their building look presentable from the outside, you can bet that the same will apply to the inside!

Red Roof Inn and other comparable hotel companies almost always have maintenance crews working on the outside of the building whenever I have stayed there and this tells me one thing; they actually care and take the time to try and invite others to stay with them!