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The last post in regards to tipping is kind of a rocky topic because a lot of people feel as though tipping should be considered as almost a gift and only applies when exceptional service is given. While this is true to some degree, I kind of have a different opinion on the topic because I have spent many of my years during college in an industry where tipping was my main source of income.

Let’s face it and be honest, no one likes to tip.


That is not the way it works in this country unfortunately and for many people out there, tipping is simply the only way they can make a comfortable income and again unfortunately, we customers are stuck with the bill.

True Across the Board

Even though the main subject of my page is about hotels, tipping is something that can greatly improve your overall service for many different facets of life and I believe it is an important topic to talk about. I’ll go back to my roofing story as an example and how it can apply to your vacation stay.

tipcupIf you remember and for those who have been tuning in, my wife and I moved into a new home years ago and wanted some work done on it. Once again to give credit where it’s due, we found and used this roofing contractor St. Louis to come out over the span of a weeks time to tune up our roof. Every day that they were there I would throw the roofers a few bucks and offer them some small snacks and drinks while they were working and you better believe they treated me better and make sure to handle the job with care.

Following these etiquette guidelines can help you if you are still unsure but keep in mind, it will never hurt any situation.

The same thing applies to hotels in that the notion of going out of your way to show them you appreciate the work they are doing for you can go a very long way and greatly improve the service you get and overall experience.


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So if you have already booked your stay but it isn’t quite what you had pictured for your perfect stay, there are a couple of things that you can do to try and make the best of a not so good situation. This is especially true if you are going to be there for any extended period of time. It never hurts to get to know the staff that is working there and to be as friendly as possible!

You Take Care of Them, They Take Care of You

tippingTipping is something that is often overlooked in a number of different professions and people seem to have very mixed opinions on the topic. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family if you are ever on a vacation.

From your room service, to the cleaning staff, to the door staff, it will always be in your best interest to throw a few dollars their way. Even if it is a single dollar bill, the thought and the acknowledgement goes a very long way and you better believe that the staff will remember your face whenever you need anything.

They tend to clean your room better, be much friendlier, and be much more willing to help you out with anything you might need during your stay. You can reference this tipping chart if you aren’t quite sure who and when you should be tipping.

Those who neglect tipping can often find themselves being neglected themselves in regards to certain services that they might be wanted from the staff.